12/29/12 G.L.A.D. Chronicles – Deciding My Course

I’m taking a few days to think about my goals for 2013. This came up yesterday during lunch with friends Tim and Joanne.

Writing is at the top of my list. I want to study and learn how to write fiction. As much as I love to read fiction, it irks the snot out of me that when I try to write it, my mind goes woefully blank. I have a few unconventional study guides to try to rectify this frustrating situation. I can blame it all on Nancy Drew. I passionately read every adventure of hers that existed when I was young. I thought if I couldn’t be her, I’d at least like to write great mysteries. The only mystery I seem to write so far is whether I’ll make any progress with losing weight. As reviewed in Mysteries Weekly: She’s up, she’s down, her roller coaster weight-loss effort reads like the never-ending nightmare of “Will Government Solve The Fiscal Crisis Before We All Go Over The Cliff?” Actually, I probably WILL lose weight and keep it off before government solves anything!

Back to writing, I feel it’s time for quiet and learning. Read, study, homework, whatever it takes to see if there’s an exciting mystery in me willing to come out. In the meantime, I’m reading so many good authors work now. Some of the best I’ve seen are my fellow writers at www.fanstory.com They’re miles better than what I’ve viewed in the bookstores and on my local library shelves. Maybe that’s one reason I’m not so sure ‘being published’ is any true measure of a writer’s worth. I see published books that aren’t worthy of using for toilet tissue and I read unpublished authors’ writing that absolutely blow me away.

Another goal is to continue the work I started in 2012 of putting myself first. That remains an alien and sometimes guilt-producing notion with me. However, as my personal clock ticks and time on Earth grows shorter, I am left with the knowledge that I don’t have forever to get this thing called life right. If I don’t work on it now, who says I’ll be here tomorrow or next year to make it a priority? I may never be a size twelve, calm, rational, island of tranquility… who am I kidding? I’ll NEVER be that! But I can at least move toward a serene nature and away from a squirrel-on-speed self!

Something interesting I’ve noticed since the last blog… I received various responses to last week’s piece about looking at myself without clothes on. Every response came from a woman either: younger, slimmer, prettier, etc. than me. None expressed being ready to look at themselves in this way (in the mirror buck naked). I find this interesting and a statement of the baggage women carry. Compared to them, I am a human who resembles a Caucasian Shrek. Yet I found no judgement. It wasn’t about how I looked cosmetically. It was about acceptance of who I am. The odd thing is, when I put clothes on again that night, the judgement began to seep right in. I’ve decided the only answer for me is to move to one of those “Nekky Colonies”. Not a nudist colony. This would be a “Nekky Shrekkies” oasis. We’d look like animated movie characters, hence we’d all look quite normal! I think I’m on to something. 🙂

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11/05/11 Coffee, Halloween, Spooky Socks and Poetry

Cover of "Bird by Bird: Some Instructions...

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Spooky Socks from my VWS Secret Sister - Halloween 2011

Good morning blog friends. When I started this blog, I wrote at the top what it was about:   Life, Serving Others, Inner Joy, Humor and Coffee 🙂

This morning, I’ve got the coffee, and I’m open to all the others. I’ve been working on something for a few weeks that requires all of my free time and leaves my wrists a hopeless mess of tendonitis. My back chose to go out on me two days ago, so between the wrist guards and the crab walk I adopt when I stand up and try to move…. finding my inner joy this morning might be a bit of a challenge. It’s there, I think it just moved into a cave and put out a ‘do not disturb’ sign!
Humor, it’s been a week of humor here and there. I posted last time about writing poetry. One of the things that happens at a poetry website is contests that give you a prompt and then you create a poem around it (the prompt will be a picture, a word, an idea, etc.). It’s been great fun to see what my brain can come up with. I won a wee gold cup for my first effort: my take on the modern-day fairytale life.
I seem to like spiritual writing as well. The challenge for me is to try and write something different from all of the poems I already see on the site. The reward is receiving feedback and comments from other people who enjoy writing poetry.  What I have found aurprising is how many young people are on the site and how blessedly talented some of them are. Kids as young as 10. A lot of teens from India, they have a profound talent for simplicity and letting you inside their world. What is inspiring to me is seeing poets in their 80’s connect with the teens or younger, and when it comes to poetry, everyone is on a level playing field. Mutual respect is given and your soul is invited to express and create beautiful things.
How was your Halloween? We had a fair amount of trick or treaters. Whatever candy they didn’t take, my son was happy to munch away on. He gave the candy out this year. That’s another of those bittersweet moments. When your child has decided they’re too old to trick or treat and take over your former duty of giving out the treats. In my mind I see that window that was opened to “eighteen years” the day he was born, and with each birthday and each passing of the duties from me to him, the window closes just a fraction. It’s closed 14 years worth right now. He can handle the window getting smaller. I struggle with it some days.
At church, we have a program called Secret Sisters. My secret sister gave me a pair of socks for a Halloween present. Of course I wore them to work with my Birkenstocks on Monday. My feet froze, but they were certainly colorful!
It’s been a week of books. I’m currently reading “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. In the wings, I have “Hunger Games” and “Little Bee” waiting. Not to mention a few from the library. “Little Bee” is for the library book club. “The Alchemist” is coming up for my other book club. Book clubs are fun. I almost wrote for nerdy types like me, but I’m the only nerd in the group. The rest of them seem quite normal. 🙂
I think that’s it for this week. If any of you like to write poetry, let me know. It would be nice to share our pieces.
Sue 🙂