04/13/12 Welcoming Joanna

Hello everyone! I’ve been laying low for awhile. You probably figured that out when no new posts popped up!

My niece Megan and her husband Jonathan welcomed baby Joanna in January. I wrote this poem on Easter Sunday to welcome Baby J to the family. I’m pretty new at baby poems, this was my first effort. I wanted to introduce her to you, as no one can resist a cute little bundle of new life! The poem was written from the perspective of God talking with Joanna and informing her he had a surprise for her. Enjoy! I’ll pop back in after you’re done reading.


The Day An Angel Came To Earth

Joanna, I’ve got a surprise for you
Today I’m sending you to earth
Mommy Megan and Daddy Jonathan
Will cry joyful tears at your birth

They are your forever parents
Welcoming you with faith and love
They don’t know you’re an angel
Sent from Heavenly Dad above

I send you my little angel
To render their circle complete
Your life will be oh so happy
They will adore you ma petite

Mommy puts silk ribbons in your hair
Daddy dreams big, while you’re still small
When you hurt, Mama Bear slays dragons
Papa Bear is there, when boys dare call!

They have no idea how life shall change
The richest love grows beyond measure
Diamonds, gold and silver will pale
The jewel you are is their treasure 


It’s fun to have a wee one in the family again, just the excuse we need to all act gooey, talk gobbley-goo and make crazy faces! Just to entertain the baby, we say. 🙂

Joanna’s tiny middle finger has an interesting way of sticking straight up. Between that and her Billy Idol hair standing at attention, she’s quite the rebel already and free with her thoughts. You go girl!


02/22/12 Poetry About Trains, Serenity and a Clever Cat!


Train Trip



The train arrived at platform nine
my first trip riding rails so fast
I climbed aboard, excitement mine
I see a glimpse of life roll past

The panoramic scenes swoosh by
the placid plains a balm to me
I drink the sights with thirsty eye
my soul it steeps in tranquil sea

Such vision fusion seems surreal
who knew the harmony I’d feel
from simple train trip to the coast
a senses feast with BritRail host




Serenity Found



walk along old paths
pressed in ancient forest floors
pure serenity







Cuddles sat, face scrunched, sorting sound
Sniffing for words much like a hound
Snip this one, it isn’t quite right
Snatch that one before it takes flight

Canine clues got under her skin
“Who let those silly fleabags in?”
‘He likes lasagna, feline clown’
Scamper, scribble, write Garfield down

Simple puzzle makes spirit fly
Super hard one elicits sigh
Solving puzzles gets her a prize
Sardine snack for “Kitty Word Wise!”



I thought I’d share a little of my poetry with you, as it’s been the thing I enjoy most lately. Poetry and short stories. The stories are easier for me, truth be told!  Oh, those of you who know my cat Buddy, the above cat isn’t him, but it surely is a twin! I made her a girl and named her Cuddles.

Writing keeps me busy, but I’m happier than a piggie in a fresh mud puddle and it’s way cheaper than psychotherapy, so I think I’m on to something. 🙂 

I hope you enjoy this poetic break in your day. Cheers!

Comments sought and always welcome. 🙂 

01/20/12 I Can Be Romantic!

Vintage Romance Novels

Image by Stewf via Flickr

It has come to my attention that I am woefully inept when it comes to writing romantic poetry. The mere thought makes me wretch. It’s not that I don’t LIKE romance, I do. I’ve just never been drawn to books or poems about other people swapping spit and/or body fluids.

However, as  a poet, I must learn to stretch my wings. I sat down yesterday and determined I would write a poem about romance! I tried to think of what I felt romantic about.

Here is the result. Please let me know if you think I have any hope for a future of writing bodice rippers and schmaltzy love stuff!


Oh How I Love Thee

 We met when I was but a lass
I knew this feeling could not pass
You swept me off my lovestruck feet
Attraction caused feelings so sweet

Taste the magic upon my lips
Try as I might my control slips
I must have you morning and night
Warmest nectar such delight

Deprived of you my body aches
Head throbbing my composure breaks
Coffee, Coffee hurry and brew
Life’s sweeter with a cup of you!



1/15/12 Depression, Bipolar, and How I Manage My Mental Melees

English: Melancholy

Image via Wikipedia

Hello all on a beautiful sunny Sunday. I’ve got the back curtain open, looking at the bare, naked trees. So much brown in the winter. The only green is on my face when I think of people in warmer climates. 🙂 Alas, I am here and there’s always hot coffee to warm a soul up.

I’ve been indulging my passion for poetry lately, having discovered a website for working poets and putting my sweat equity into words there lately. Poetry is an interesting thing, if you’re drawn to it. It demands total focus, absolute quiet to go into that Deep Down Well where your true thoughts reside. I’ve posted four pieces so far, and the one that is by far gaining the most attention, comment, discussion, and suggestion that I may be bipolar is a work titled “Asylum For Conflicted Thoughts.” It is a completely true inner conversation I experienced a few months ago at the height of a particularly nasty depressive episode. It’s apparently a bit chilling for non depressed people to read. People with mental issues hugged it to them like I had written a personal anthem just for them, giving voice to their struggles and their hopes.

I don’t believe I am bipolar, as I’ve asked a psychiatrist during a meds check. For you blessedly unmedicated individuals, a meds check is when you go to talk to the doctor and discuss how you’re doing, to see if you need to adjust your dosage, increase it, or just say the heck with it and look for the nearest bridge. Kidding on that last one! I asked her WHAT I was, as I don’t really know. I know I have depression, anxiety sometimes, menopause all the time, excess weight which is either aggravated by the other three or the other three are aggravated by the excess weight. The jury still debates about that one.

She said I am clearly distractible (well, DUHHH!) and yes, depressive, but she did not see bipolar.

Meanwhile, a Christian counselor I saw a few years ago said that, yes, she saw ‘a touch of bipolar’ in me. To which I question, how can you be a bit of something? If you take a pregnancy test and it indicates “young lady, you are indeed a bit pregnant” what do you do with that? Decorate the nursery, or hope the bit goes away and get on with your daily life?

I’m not sure why I’m talking about this today. I suspect because after countless people commented on how accurately I could describe bipolar, I wasn’t sure whether to feel proud that I could paint the scene so well, or go into a panic about a possible new problem to add to my laundry list, or maybe just read each person’s opinion, ponder it a bit, and get on with my day?

The jury will have to debate that one as well.

To fully include you in this debate, I shall include a link for the aforementioned poem. The interesting thing I noticed is that after I physically got the poem down on paper, the harsh inner critic, as I call it, went away and I haven’t heard from it since then. I have no idea what to make of that. Here is the link:


I should warn you that with each piece we publish, we choose a picture to enhance the words. The picture may seem a bit stark. I just received notification that the piece reached All Time Best status. That’s where we poets get to puff up with happiness for a bit!

I do love to write: poetry, this blog, letters, rhymes, jingles, greeting cards. I suspect part of it is because I can control the words that fly out of me fractionally better. Part of it is probably approval seeking on my part. The funny/not funny thing about that is: as I seek approval, I am terrified of rejection. What draws my curiosity about this is, why does approval or rejection from people I don’t sleep with and/or who don’t pay my bills, why does that possibly matter?

I don’t know.

12/14/11 Christmastime Hues

Some love this time of year
Anticipate it with golden joy
Be it pretty lights, family and friends
Or the birth of God’s little boy.

Others views aren’t quite so rosy
It’s the hardest time of year
No Hallmark family Christmas for them
Blue Christmas, not a whiff of cheer.

Then there are the ones, they feel some of both
Make it their quest to bring hope and love
Melancholy gray tries to swallow them up
They cling to God their Father above.

They miss the loved ones no longer here
Times from the past, now just a memory
Traditions, laughter, feeling connected
Waiting… to see what this Christmas will be.

11/05/11 Coffee, Halloween, Spooky Socks and Poetry

Cover of "Bird by Bird: Some Instructions...

Cover via Amazon

Spooky Socks from my VWS Secret Sister - Halloween 2011

Good morning blog friends. When I started this blog, I wrote at the top what it was about:   Life, Serving Others, Inner Joy, Humor and Coffee 🙂

This morning, I’ve got the coffee, and I’m open to all the others. I’ve been working on something for a few weeks that requires all of my free time and leaves my wrists a hopeless mess of tendonitis. My back chose to go out on me two days ago, so between the wrist guards and the crab walk I adopt when I stand up and try to move…. finding my inner joy this morning might be a bit of a challenge. It’s there, I think it just moved into a cave and put out a ‘do not disturb’ sign!
Humor, it’s been a week of humor here and there. I posted last time about writing poetry. One of the things that happens at a poetry website is contests that give you a prompt and then you create a poem around it (the prompt will be a picture, a word, an idea, etc.). It’s been great fun to see what my brain can come up with. I won a wee gold cup for my first effort: my take on the modern-day fairytale life.
I seem to like spiritual writing as well. The challenge for me is to try and write something different from all of the poems I already see on the site. The reward is receiving feedback and comments from other people who enjoy writing poetry.  What I have found aurprising is how many young people are on the site and how blessedly talented some of them are. Kids as young as 10. A lot of teens from India, they have a profound talent for simplicity and letting you inside their world. What is inspiring to me is seeing poets in their 80’s connect with the teens or younger, and when it comes to poetry, everyone is on a level playing field. Mutual respect is given and your soul is invited to express and create beautiful things.
How was your Halloween? We had a fair amount of trick or treaters. Whatever candy they didn’t take, my son was happy to munch away on. He gave the candy out this year. That’s another of those bittersweet moments. When your child has decided they’re too old to trick or treat and take over your former duty of giving out the treats. In my mind I see that window that was opened to “eighteen years” the day he was born, and with each birthday and each passing of the duties from me to him, the window closes just a fraction. It’s closed 14 years worth right now. He can handle the window getting smaller. I struggle with it some days.
At church, we have a program called Secret Sisters. My secret sister gave me a pair of socks for a Halloween present. Of course I wore them to work with my Birkenstocks on Monday. My feet froze, but they were certainly colorful!
It’s been a week of books. I’m currently reading “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. In the wings, I have “Hunger Games” and “Little Bee” waiting. Not to mention a few from the library. “Little Bee” is for the library book club. “The Alchemist” is coming up for my other book club. Book clubs are fun. I almost wrote for nerdy types like me, but I’m the only nerd in the group. The rest of them seem quite normal. 🙂
I think that’s it for this week. If any of you like to write poetry, let me know. It would be nice to share our pieces.
Sue 🙂

10/24/11 Gathering My Courage To Write Poetry

soul collage scans 001

Image by ReVisioning Life in Art via Flickr

It’s been a week of growth and insights.

A friend suggested I check out Women Writing For (a) Change. I did, and visited Women Writing For (a) Change on Saturday to take the Soul Collage class. How exhilarating! Stepping into that place where countless women like me who enjoy taking pen to paper, or images to collage board, and express themselves. It felt like nirvana! I wondered if I could move in, or at least hang out from time to time. I would highly recommend it to any one reading this who has a longing to express themselves through words. Even though “women” is in the business name, there are occasional classes for men. It was inspiring being surrounded by so many creative people. My collage titled Serenity filled the card with images of places I would like to write in – nature, quiet, lush green floral paradises, a cottage in the woods. When you live in the city, I suppose those places seem almost like a fairytale.

A few years ago, I gave myself a challenge to write poetry. It was an interesting experiment. Apparently I can whip off a ditty within minutes when rhyme is all that’s called for. I tried another type, I believe it’s called prose. That’s the type I like. You actually have to think. Feel. Rhyme seems to sacrifice content just to get two words to match! Me being the gutter snipe that I am from time to time…. my rhyme ends up sounding like those silly limericks I read as a kid. Actually, I still like limericks. 🙂

Sometimes I feel compelled to try something new. I tried a spiritual piece today. I based it upon the poem “Love After Love” by Derek Walcott read aloud at my Soul Collage class the other day. http://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=68602

If you’d like to read it, paste this link into your browser: http://allpoetry.com/poem/9068145-Looking_Through_Gods_Eyes-by-wordsfromsue

It’s about learning to see and accept ourselves as God does. Feel free to give me your thoughts.