9/9/11 Letter Writing – One of The Lost Arts?


I discovered, at the age of 9 or 10, a passion that would stay with me through the years. It’s recently resurfaced with a nostalgic longing.

Writing a letter by hand.

Those of you who may have enjoyed this lovely hobby in the past, when’s the last time you indulged? Let me guess: You don’t have time, email is faster, stamps are SO expensive, you have nothing to write about, your handwriting resembles the Tazmanian Devil after too much caffeine…

I’ve used all of these reasons at one time or another. Funny how I’ve got time for the most inane things, but don’t have time to connect with friends.

I’ll ponder that as I get my antidepressant medication dosage increased (again) and check the internet (how many times today?), or sit on the couch trying to remember if it’s the third, or the fourth, time I’ve watched this episode of “Modern Family”?

I really don’t have the money for that 44 cent stamp (I’ll mumble) as I dive into the $5. carton of junk food (to forget how bored and lonely I am).

Recently, I was cleaning out my Sanity Room. I came across my bag of Flairs and gel pens in a rainbow of colors. After a bit of rooting, the white writing pad, stickers, stampers and inks, etc. all surfaced.

My evening was spent at the dining room table, listening to classical music and letting the thoughts flow through my Flair pen. There is so much going on! Life itself is a smorgasbord of topics waiting to be sampled and written about.

I must confess, my letters and envelopes get pretty pimped out with stickers, stamps and colors by the time I’m done. I fear Paul the mailman suspects I’m having hallucinogenic flashbacks on paper. He hasn’t commented yet!

I don’t know if the recipients will all appreciate my Andy Warhol-like letters, but I’m having the best fun creating them. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a few questions:

Do you enjoy receiving letters in the mail? Does it make a difference to you if they’re computer generated or handwritten?  Do you yourself write letters?

Until next time, be on the lookout at your mailbox for a missive from me. 🙂


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