9/1/11 September: 30 Days of Deliberate Kindness. :-)



My birthday is on September 29th.

I’ll be 52. I’ve never worked on my birthday. I feel it’s a day to reflect on the previous year and think about what I want to accomplish in the coming 365 days. Also a day to have lunch at my favorite place, take in a movie, the zoo or take a long drive. Those are my preferred destinations.

The last few years of my Mom’s life, I sent her a thank you card on my big day and usually wrote a silly poem. My reasoning was if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be having a birthday! When I lived at home, every year, I KNEW I had a chocolate cake with white icing and electric purple roses from Bonomini Bakery to look forward to. 🙂 My mom definitely knew the way to my heart!

She passed on in 2004. There’s been a missing gap in my birthday joy since then. It was in making her smile that made my birthday complete.

The past few weeks I’ve been pondering how to make it a special occasion again.

Committing deliberate acts of kindness whenever and wherever I get an opportunity during these thirty days of September is what I’ve decided upon.

I find the following interesting and maybe a sad sign of our times. When I did a search on the internet of acts of kindness, people suggested smiling, paying attention to folks, holding doors open, saying thank you. Have we sunk so low with civility that these acts aren’t a part of our everyday lives?

There were good suggestions listed as well. I took note of the ones worth considering. I’ll keep you posted on how the experiment goes and whether I conclude it led to a more joyous birthday.