11/30/15 Tired of 270

image.jpegThis is hard, so much harder than when I was younger. “This” is weighing 270 lbs and one day, you just can’t take that number anymore. Your knees are killing you, getting winded from THINKING about going for a walk, and climbing stairs is akin to dental surgery with no anesthesia.

This is hard. Walking in to a Weight Watchers meeting room and joining for what seems like the 5,000th time. Not wanting to be there. But being desperately sick of weighing 270 lbs and feeling the dreaded “300” breathing down your neck. Looking at all the friendly faces assembled at said meeting who know EXACTLY how you feel. Some thinner than you, some not, but you’re all in that same darn lifeboat, “S S Here To Lose Weight” and encouraging each other: ROW, ROW, ROW!

This is hard. Joining yet another gym, showing up, seeing yourself in what seems like a thousand mirrored walls, TRYING to lift your pudgy legs, praying you don’t break wind or do anything to draw attention to your scared-to-death self.

This is hard. Writing your feelings in a public forum and hoping people will like you enough to cheer you on as you work harder than a donkey to lose those dreaded pounds.

This is hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.


4 thoughts on “11/30/15 Tired of 270

  1. Well done, Sue, you will do it. The thing is, you do have lots of support at your WW group, and I will support you from across the pond. Everyone reading your blob will understand what you are going through, many going through themselves, now, or have been at some stage of their life. Now you have to show them all it CAN be done, and then post a fabulous ‘after’ photo for us all to see. Good luck, my lovely friend. xxxx Sandra

    • Thank you Sandra, I’m looking at this one day at a time, one choice, that’s about what I can handle at the moment. But I do feel I can do what any other human can achieve! Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

  2. Sue – you are awesome.  I am one of those who are right there with you.  260   I said it.    facing the number.   Just not sure how to approach a meeting.  I know WWers can work, but I have to do the work.   Am I iwlling to do it?  Not sure But I know if you decide you want it, you can do it. Hugs!Jenny

    • Jenny, hi! You faced the number! First step. I approach the meetings now a little like 12 step meetings: I’m there to draw on everyone’s experience, strength and hope. It makes it more relatable for me. Hope I spelled that right. My coworkers are laughing with me this morning, as I brought in the last bag of veggies from our Thanksgiving day veggie tray. I feel like Mr. Ed with all the veg, and they brought in donuts, but they told me they’re awful!! Good friends. 🙂 Some days I’ll have donuts, but not today.
      I go on Saturday mornings if you want to join me, Harrison Avenue. The leader is peppy. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping in, been awhile! You can do it too. What kicked it in for me is some tv producer, her name is something like Shonda Rhames, I know I’m spelling it wrong. Anyway, a few weeks ago she was being interviewed about her weight loss and confessed it’s hard work, she hates it, but she hated being fat more. I liked the honesty and not having to deal with that platitudes about a life change. Girlfriend just admitted it was HARD. THAT I can deal with. I’m a tough old girl myself.

      Drop in again, young lady. 🙂

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