01/25/14 This Is The Day…

This is the day I think cabin fever might overtake me and I may commit a crime.

This is the day I might sit down and post a new blog for the first time in months.

This is the day one of my 3 extraordinarily irritating cats, (Mavis, Buddy and Omar) who are as bogged down as me by cabin fever, frigid temperatures and snow, might just drive me over the edge and I may commit a crime.

This is the day I work on my 2014 Bucket List, a project my minister Tim gives us every January, well, not 2014, but the bucket list part, and my mind refuses to come up with worthwhile words to fill in on the goals sheet. My goal today is to not go freaking insane!

This is the day I reflect that this crappy weather is a phase, just like everything else. It’ll pass, Spring will come, this will become just a memory.

This is the day a coworker of mine, Barb, has her funeral mass at a local church. She doesn’t get to be annoyed by anything today. She doesn’t have to listen to my squirrely rant or watch my eyes fill with tears because I’m so sad her end came the way it did. I went to her viewing last night in sweat clothes, because they were the only clean things I had. I nearly didn’t go, because one just doesn’t go to a funeral in sweats, but I thought, why not? Am I really going to let this silliness stop me from paying my respects. Is anyone really going to look at my bottom and have their day ruined by what’s covering my backside, or will they just be pleased I didn’t choose the alternative and go buck nekky?

This is the day, if I look further than my nose, that I might go outside and at least pick up the snow shovel. I think it’s to work on moving the snow, but maybe it’ll be to WHACK one of my cats if they don’t stop annoying me!

This is the day I’ll do a load of laundry, in case something life shatteringly important comes up, so I won’t have to face it in dirty sweat clothes.

This is the day I try to come up with something thought provoking to put before whoever reads this, but I got nothin’.

Yep, this is the day the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it… and not commit a crime or whack a cat (though that part sounds appealing at the moment!) .


4 thoughts on “01/25/14 This Is The Day…

    • Thanks for stopping in… We talked about just that topic, leaving nuts out for the squirrels, yesterday at the funeral. Small world!
      And the wrestling match I had with a feral cat last week (I lost!)

  1. Hi Sue, This is the day where you DID accomplish something amazing, You put a smile on my face and that is not easy at the moment. Loved your blog but I am so sorry that your friend, Barb, died. She would have been pleased you came no matter what you wore. 🙂 lots of love, Sandra x

    • Yeah Sandra, that’s the thing… sometimes we can let the stupidest stuff stop us and sometimes we can get a clue and do what’s important… PS That load of laundry is in the washer and I thought about those 3 cats with a maniacal gleam in my eye as I clutched that shovel! Alas, manslaughter and cat slaughter are still illegal in the state of Ohio…they’re safe…for now. 🙂 Bwa haaa haaaa!!

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