A year ago I almost died.

This talented writer does a great job shedding light on DVTs and PEs. I would encourage you to also do a search on this site for DVTs and PEs. Something you read might help to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones. Peace.

Fight Deep Vein Thrombosis

I was 25-years old and staring death in the face. My leg hurt and I had difficulty walking, but I otherwise felt and looked healthy. No one would have guessed that I could easily drop dead at a second’s notice. I was young and in relatively good shape. In the past year, I’d run two half-marathons and I was now in the middle of a month-long backpacking trip through Southeast Asia with my friends.

But I somehow ended up on a seven-hour flight from Malaysia to Tokyo, alone, and seriously wondering if I would make it to my 26th birthday the following week. Three days earlier, I had been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in Kuala Lumpur, nearly ten thousand miles away from home, and although I didn’t know it, I had already developed pulmonary embolisms (PEs).

I want to tell my story in the hopes…

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One thought on “A year ago I almost died.

  1. I’m so so sorry to hear that you had to suffer the same thing, but I’m glad to hear you are still here.

    Thanks for sharing the post–I wrote it so that more people could learn about DVT and hopefully avoid the same fate as us!

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