11/10/12 G.L.A.D. Chronicles Week 6 – Changes, Life, “Cemetery Junction”, EastEnders

Life has hurtled so many spit balls at me the past few weeks, I’ve not had time to chronicle it. October and November are a busy time of year at my job. UNDERSTATEMENT! Part of this is due to my complete inability to parcel out work effectively in one particular area during the rest of the year. Hence, I work harder than a one-armed paper-hanger in October and November. The adrenaline rush is apparently worth it, as I do it over and over… Fortunately, I love my job and my coworkers. Can’t imagine going bonkers for people and work I didn’t like so much!

Hey, regardless of who you voted for, the election is over. No more mud-slinging, hair-pulling, name-calling (and that was just in my neighborhood!) and NO MORE POLITICAL ADS! T.V. advertisements are back to all of those pharmaceuticals that show in the small print side effects way worse than the disease or disorder they’re treating. I think the Viagra ad says (tongue in cheek) taking this product may make your wee fall off, but hey, it’ll be alert and at attention when it happens.

Evil, cunning empty carbs getting past my sensible mouth thwarted my attempts to lose weight, dancing with my taste buds and taking up residence on my hips and stomach. Okay, time out, here’s a pet peeve of mine. When women my age (I’m fifty-three) who are a few thousand pounds overweight, like me, call their stomach: ‘tummy’. Tummy? I had a ‘tummy’ for a few short months in 2005, after some serious work at Weight Watchers. That thing stopped being a ‘tummy’ when we couldn’t  wear pants with fitted waists anymore and elastic waist bands became our closest friend.

I had the pleasant surprise of hearing from someone this week I’ve not talked to in a long time. It’s been enjoyable to hear about the changes in her life and hear she’s doing well. I’m an endless wonderer, when it come to old friends I’ve lost touch with: wondering how they’re doing, if they ever think of me, did they win the lottery and want to share the love with me? (kidding!) (I don’t wonder if they think of me!!)

One fun thing this squirrel learned how to do these past few weeks is to watch movie via Netflix in a mid-sized screen on this computer while I worked with my data entry on another mid-sized screen. A brilliant Ricky Gervais film I watched is “Cemetery Junction“. Favorite scene had to be toward the end as Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song” soared in the background, the very satisfying ending playing out. If you like great British films, I highly recommend this instant streamer.

OH! Another absolutely thrilling discovery for me: finding out I can see current episodes of my beloved British show “EastEnders” on YouTube. Back in the day when dinosaurs trolled the Earth and I watched EE on P.B.S., our episodes were two years behind the current show. Imagine my state of gobsmacked delight to see that I can watch TODAY’s episode (if it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday) on YouTube. Oh YouTube, how I love you! 

Through it all, I’ve been praying/talking with God about my ever-changing thoughts and interests. Like it or not, I seem able to dedicate about a year to any one thing I decide to volunteer at or do. After that, my mind craves a new stimulant. The past few years, I’ve gone through a phase of mystery shopping, volunteering at an animal shelter, visiting with the elderly, and writing poetry/short stories (which I still like, but my writing muse is on hiatus). We’re about to explore volunteering with Matthew 25 Ministries. They do a tremendous amount of good work throughout this country and internationally. Please check them out for yourself!  


Touching on the D of G.L.A.D., decluttering is a bust at the moment. My living room is a “Sanford and Son”-dream of tombstones and Halloween decorations from the front yard. I am SURE my son Kevin will put them away TODAY, if he hopes to live until TOMORROW! 

D – Depression… my depression’s in an okay place. With the holidays approaching, I’d do well to increase exercise and getting out in the fresh air. Keeps the black hole sleeping peacefully and not knocking at my emotional door.

I made Texas-style chili last week. This week I may go for Inside Out Ravioli, if I can find my old recipe. It’s so good and fairly healthy!

Peace 🙂  


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