05/24/12 Enjoying The Signs of Life Adorning My Appearance

Dove wordmark

Dove wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone. This is a bit of an opinion piece based on some of the blogs I’ve been reading today about the….. shhhh…… controversial topic of women in my age group who are bucking up the courage to “go natural”….. now, before you wee perverts think a “Dance Nekky Party” is about to start, no, it’s not! At least not in my little space!

I mean, those of us in the fifty and over group who question ‘anti-aging” products. The opposite of aging is, let’s face it, pushing up daisies at the cemetery. You’re either aging, from the day you were born, or you’re dead. I’m alive! Why should I want to anti-age?

I do love Dove soap and always have. One of the few soaps that doesn’t make a girl’s delicate areas have a reaction. Works on one’s face, works on one’s unmentionables. Gotta love that.

Dove doesn’t have “anti age” products. I love them all the more for that. They use real women for their ads. I double love them for that. They’re one of the few companies that don’t make me feel like some kind of gross, unworthy monstrosity. With them, I’m just a girl. Just a fifty-two year old woman.

I love Dove. 🙂

I have wrinkles, my face is not flawlessly smooth or peaches and cream white like it used to be, and my hair looks a little more like Pepe LePew everyday with that striking gray streak zipping along the middle.

I LIKE Pepe LePew. I always did want to look like a star. 🙂

This isn’t a ‘change your life’ post. Sorry, if that’s what you were looking for today.

I’d love to hear from others. Do you fight age, embrace it, or sit in a chair and moan that there’s nothing you can do about any of it anyway?

All opinions welcome.

Oh, alright, due to thousands of tweets received during the writing of this post, I WILL host a “Dance Nekky Party”, beginning in ten minutes. Be there and be bare! 🙂

Blessings. 🙂

05/23/12 What Would You Buy If You Had The Money?

Reading about the places Diana Frey used a credit card to buy things that would be paid for out of her Union’s funds; I got to daydreaming about what I would purchase if I could have an unlimited cash flow.

I’ve decided I’m quite boring! My list would be something like this:

Book Stores, an open-ended account to Amazon.com, Book Stores, a candle shop, an occasional movie, a store that sells Flair pens and Gel tip pens, Book Stores, possibly a few coffee shops, a tea shop, maybe a stone squirrel for my garden.

Hmmm, I sound greedy. There aren’t any gifts listed for my family. Let them get their own unlimited imaginary funds to plan lavish spending with!

At the end of the day, I suppose I’ll keep working and not dip into the company bank accounts. I have an awfully healthy fear of having to take showers with bunches of strange women in an open setting. 🙂

Have a blessed day!

05/19/12 Losing Weight, Books, Elderly “Senior Prom”

Life moves faster than I can, some weeks. This has been one of those times. I saw my son off to his class trip yesterday morning, getting up at 4:30 a.m. to get to the chartered bus on time. My internal clock still hasn’t adjusted to that! Lots of coffee and I’ll eventually be fine. 🙂 Here I am with ten days to be “just Sue”. All of you are only getting my attention this morning, as I plan on taking a break from a lot of my internet business for the next week or so, in favor of real life: reading a real book with paper pages: Elizabeth George’s newest Inspector Lynley novel “Believing The Lie”. This book has 608 pages. If Ms. George wasn’t one of my favorite authors, I wouldn’t be reading this. Time is a rare commodity for me at the moment.

I went to a festive gathering for Little Brothers volunteers last night. We sat outside on the patio overloking the city. May I tell you, I was in Anglophile and book lovers heaven, sitting next to Cathy One and Cathy Two, discussing books, British royalty and their weddings, British movies, television series, etc….. I finally understand how Nascar fans feel when they sit and talk endlessly of those men who only make left handed turns while driving. The fine wine made and brought by one of Little Brothers own volunteers added to the cheery feeling. 🙂

My book club has chosen “Fifty Shades of Grey” for this month’s reading. I knew nothing about this book and looked it up on Amazon to read the reviews. What a completely mixed bag of opposite spectrum opinions and critiques are offered. It appears this is a book one either loves or hates. Anyone reading this read the book yet? What are your thoughts? I have it on request from the library, hopefully it’ll be back in stock before our next meeting June 26th.

Did I write about a prayer session at church I took part in on April 10th? The type of prayer is called SOZO. My session lasted three hours and was truly life changing for me. A lot of my buried garbage was unearthed, dealt with, and I’m now experiencing the loveliest freedom from things that have hounded me for decades, in some cases, my whole life.

One of the most noticeable is my food habits and preferences. I’ve lost the taste for sugar, soda pop, most junk carbs, etc. If I’m having a bad day emotionally, now I look the emotions in the eye, instead of eating my way through it. For a lifelong emotional eater, that’s too tripped out to even fathom. The excess weight is coming off. I wouldn’t have believed this possible if it wasn’t happening to me.

I can’t take credit for it. My gratitude is entirely to God and the Holy Spirit seemingly doing a great deal of internal housecleaning on this girl. Thank you God. I can’t describe how surreal the freedom feels.

My pedometer has been attached to the waistband of my pants forty five days straight. I do think wearing one encourges me to move. Logging the steps on my phone calendar every night has become a ritual. I raise the bar on how many steps are my minimum goal periodically. In the beginning, I walked 1,000 steps a day. The current minimum is 3,000 steps daily and usually 4,500 to 6,000 is the accomplished range now.

www.myfitnesspal.com is one of my favorite sites now. I’ve made friends with a lady there and we’re meeting up tomorrow to walk through Eden Park. I’ve enlisted my Facebook friends to walk at Veteran’s Park and I hope to visit Fernbank Park soon.

My breathing eases up a little bit more all the time. I still sweat like a pig at a pig roast, but really, I’ve done that my whole life. My poor mom, she was one of those creatures who didn’t sweat and couldn’t take the heat so well. I’ll take sweating. That’s why God made showers and deodorant. 🙂

One last fond memory of the past week. On Friday, May 11th, I drove three elderly friends to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly “Senior Prom”. It was a blast!  These folks definitely know how to enjoy a lovely evening. Two of the volunteers shown, Colleen and George, are part of a wonderful team from Macy’s that helps the prom in various and tremendous ways. I can only tell you that I kidded with Betty and George, thinking they were old friends, only to find out they had just met that evening. George was exceptionally gracious and treated our guests like elegant princesses at the ball. It was  truly a beautiful night!

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