02/22/12 Poetry About Trains, Serenity and a Clever Cat!


Train Trip



The train arrived at platform nine
my first trip riding rails so fast
I climbed aboard, excitement mine
I see a glimpse of life roll past

The panoramic scenes swoosh by
the placid plains a balm to me
I drink the sights with thirsty eye
my soul it steeps in tranquil sea

Such vision fusion seems surreal
who knew the harmony I’d feel
from simple train trip to the coast
a senses feast with BritRail host




Serenity Found



walk along old paths
pressed in ancient forest floors
pure serenity







Cuddles sat, face scrunched, sorting sound
Sniffing for words much like a hound
Snip this one, it isn’t quite right
Snatch that one before it takes flight

Canine clues got under her skin
“Who let those silly fleabags in?”
‘He likes lasagna, feline clown’
Scamper, scribble, write Garfield down

Simple puzzle makes spirit fly
Super hard one elicits sigh
Solving puzzles gets her a prize
Sardine snack for “Kitty Word Wise!”



I thought I’d share a little of my poetry with you, as it’s been the thing I enjoy most lately. Poetry and short stories. The stories are easier for me, truth be told!  Oh, those of you who know my cat Buddy, the above cat isn’t him, but it surely is a twin! I made her a girl and named her Cuddles.

Writing keeps me busy, but I’m happier than a piggie in a fresh mud puddle and it’s way cheaper than psychotherapy, so I think I’m on to something. 🙂 

I hope you enjoy this poetic break in your day. Cheers!

Comments sought and always welcome. 🙂