8/23/11 Confessions Of A Couch Potato

It’s been such a busy few weeks. School started for my son on August 16th. He goes to school on the east side. It’s been a continuation of a sobering experience to drive over there and see all of the fit people out jogging, walking, enjoying life. The east side seems to emanate energy and vitality. I don’t feel that vibe on the west side. I wondered if I lived over there, would I still be the couch potato that I have become over the past decade?

June 2010 at 258 lbs.

I USED to work out… a lot…. and keep my body not exactly thin, but at a much healthier weight. About 70 lbs less than I’m carrying now. I ponder and ponder this, but can not deduce why I can’t stick to working out and eating right.

I’ll draw up plans for a workout schedule, join Weight Watchers (repeatedly), go to the store and load my cart with healthy foods, write down all of my toxic emotions in a journal. Things seem to go better for a while, and then, just like the sober alcoholic who plays Russian Roulette and decides he can take “just one drink”, I decide I can do it on my own, I don’t need the weight loss meetings, or to work out this week, or I convince myself that two cartons of Hostess love in a box won’t really hurt (especially if I keep them hidden and no one in the house sees them).

WHY does this one area of my life confound me so?

I have supportive friends and family, I have way expensive walking shoes and countless pedometers to track my steps, enough exercise DVDs and videotapes to stock my own store…. yet I can’t stick to it.

The first thing I kid myself into/out of is sleep. I reason to myself that I can get by on 5 or 6 hours of sleep. I’ve never been able to put the proper value on enough sleep for myself. Late evening is the only time I seem to be able to read a good book, waste countless minutes/hours playing games on my smart phone, check my email in case Ed McMahon’s trying to reach me with that elusive million dollar check.

This is one of those times I wish I had a legion of dedicated readers who could at least chime in with their two cents regarding treating yourself as well as you try to treat everyone else.

I’m open to all thoughts. PLEASE chime in.


4 thoughts on “8/23/11 Confessions Of A Couch Potato

  1. First off….! The first thing you need to do is see whatever change you are making as permanent. That’s it. The exercise…not something you can “take a break” from. You need to do it every week all year long, forever. Sounds bad, I know, but apparently you have done it in the past so I know you can do it. Same goes for the food. My thing is to not buy it in the first place. I don’t mean never at all but not to bring it into the home. You know you are going to run into “bad” food when you’re out so why make it that much more difficult on yourself by having it around the house? I don’t think it is ever wise to completely cut yourself off from any one kind of food because it will just make you want it more. I think you probably already know that. Have that cupcake. Have that Twinkie. Once, MAYBE twice a week. And when you have it, enjoy it! Tell yourself you deserve this one since you have been good for 4 or 5 days. If you relish every little bite, it won’t leave you craving it later. And lastly, don’t look at it as a diet. Look at it as, this is how I am going to eat the rest of my life, this…today. This bowl of MiniWheats and fruit, this will be what I will eat every day. Sometimes I can have IHOP but only on special occasions. Lol.
    Ok, so maybe that wasn’t last…. 😛 I hope I helped and if everything was just a repeat of things you already knew, sorry. I do want to help. I would love to see you succeed and not have to worry about your weight ever again. It IS possible! And I know you can do it. I think there will just ne an A-HA moment at some point. Who knows, maybe it will be something I say. 😉

  2. Lisa, I know that weight management is like the old joke “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Weight management happens one choice at a time

    Thanks for chiming in.

    Check up on me.

    Bust me if I forget I’m a manageable human and instead start imitating a sloth at the zoo!

  3. Hey Sue:)You know we’ve had a few discussions about this,but I think the best advice (which I am not perfect at following) is to take care of yourself in all areas-Put lotion on after a shower,do your hair,wear some makeup,paint your nails,SLEEP,and give yourself a break!I agree it is a one day at a time struggle,if not one meal choice at a time.I honestly try to ask myself each time I eat-is this healthy and does it help me reach my goal?If you can set the food down and give yourself 30 minutes to decide if you really want it,get busy doing something else-a project around the house,organizing something,making a phone call,or walk up to the top of the street and back.Then, drink a whole glass of water.If you still want it,have it.
    Also,I find I do best when I schedule my eating times and what I am going to have.If you eat every two hours,you don’t let your body get those hunger pangs,and you can choose more wisely when you are eating to nourish than eating to quench hunger.
    Lastly, don’t throw yourself into something extreme,because you will give up!Just make your goal to do better than yesterday.Then keep building on that.Walk up to the end of your street one night,then the next night walk up to the end of your street and up and down your front steps twice.the next night do the steps 3times and so on-the next week,walk up and down the street 2 times,etc.,Do this with food,too.:)just eat a little better everyday.
    I love you you can do this!!!

  4. Sue, I really think that leading a healthy lifestyle is a mindset that you give yourself & that after a while it becomes one of your daily habits. I try to eat the right things, for the most part, but I must admit that I have definite cravings for carbs. I guess the key word is MODERATION. I’ve always liked some kind of daily exercise ~ like Jazzercise, tennis, or simply walking. I’m dealing with a herneated disc right now so my exercise is limited to a little bit of walking for a while & being very mindful of not bending or twisting while I’m gardening.

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