8/7/11 Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know All About Me…

Good morning blog friends! Isn’t it a lovely day? A little overcast, but at 8:20 a.m., not stiflingly hot yet. The birds are singing, coffee has just brewed, classical concert on the radio….. and my cat Mavis sitting next to me giving herself the 40th bath of the morning. I believe these cats of mine should squeak, they’re so clean! Well, they don’t squeak, but their sometimes constant meeeoooowwwww cant get just a TAD annoying…. but I digress…

As I welcome you to my world, I thought it might be nice to introduce myself. I would love in turn if you’d tell me a little about you in a comment…. unimportant things like: bank account numbers, S.S. #s, what hours of the day you’re not home and which windows you’re leaving unlocked…… KIDDING…… I believe I just gave a few of you apoplexy. 🙂

Back to moi: I’m just Sue, a 51 year old finely aging gal from the West Side of Cincinnati. I sometimes say West Side is the Best Side…… ever notice how we always have to make what we have the best? What do the East Side people say? East is the Beast…. no, that wouldn’t work…. East’s Got Yeast….. sounds like a personal problem.  And what about the Northwest? Well, now they rock. They can say… “We’re so bloody cool  – Alfred Hitchcock borrowed us for his movie title (“North By Northwest“)”…. yep, I’d have to say, based on that logic, NORTHWEST ROCKS!!

When chooing a television character that best exemplifies me, I sometimes choose Aunt Clara from “Bewitched“.

She is soo adorable, lovable, but just the slightest bit daffy, getting lost in her own thoughts; but always having a great time and not wasting it finding fault with everyone around her. That would be me. And she looks nice and soft and squishy too. I used to be a workout queen and keep this fine vessel of mine in better condition. Yep, could have bounced a quarter off of my abdomen (if I was laying down and had a board laying on top of it)…. but these days, the only thing bouncing on me is my mood when it’s having a swing. Whoo boy, talk about bounce!!

What was I talking about? Oh, me. Okay, I’m REALLY cool, the coolest person you’ll probably ever meet. Not bragging, just sayin’. But I write this blog for many reasons. I also want to get to know YOU. Seriously. This is your place to come and leave a comment, tell me about YOUR life and what’s going on in YOUR corner. Let’s make this a two way street.

I welcome friends from all corners of the globe, every color of the rainbow (but let me tell you, if you happen to be PURPLE, you step WAY to the front of the line, as I’ve always wanted a purple friend….. and NOT BARNEY….. that voice of his, someone should have been shot….. digressing again. But the way I see it, if the Smurfs are real, then I hold out real hope that there are purple creatures somewhere. Just sayin’), every faith. My only requirements are that you be respectful and keep your scurrilous cur comments to yourself please.

Alas, the coffee is ready and real life calls. Church this morning…. I go to the best church on the planet….. well, in my humble opinion anyway. Vineyard Westside. They rock. I sometimes call them The Church For Misfit Toys….. for they accept all people, even me. Come as you are, warts and all. Well, okay, I think we’ve got enough people with the warts….. starting to look like a Frog Lover Convention over there….. maybe we should change our slogan. 🙂 http://www.vineyardwestside.com/

OH, and then, this afternoon, I am working with my favorite charity on the planet. Here’s a shout out for: Little Brothers Friends Of The Elderly. Look them up on the web, if you’re so inclined. http://cincinnati.littlebrothers.org/  If you don’t remember anything else from this blog, remember them. After all, we’ll all, God willing, be elderly someday and then you’ll understand why LITTLE BROTHERS ROCKS. We befriend the elderly by being friends, one lovely person at a time. They’re a great organizaton. Today, we’re having a Coffee Hour. We’ll have some of our Elderly Friends there who would like to be matched up with one of our Visiting Volunteers. It’s modeled (seriously) loosely upon the speed dating concept. A way of getting to know people without making the commitment phobic nervous 🙂  I’ll be there, spreading sunshine and smiles, I hope!

That’s it for today…. enjoy your day…. make it count!


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